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(poke poke) It’s time to write that exchange fic!

no draco and ginny today
So it’s now officially less than ONE month until exchange fics are due on January 26th!! Draco and Ginny are busy writing… so how about you? They’re doing really well on their fics, and—

(knock at door)

Just a minute…

Oh. It’s that white van again, and they have the straightjackets this time. Bye!

(starts running)

A Nice Pic of Ginny. :)

ginny herself_01

Made by me, yay, in Reality 3/Poser/Luxrender. I’ll probably work on the materials much more in another version, but Reality’s materials nodes are a little intimidating. One mesh light was used. 🙂

Oh, yeah, and the camisole top is an original texture!! I’ll give it away from free… If anyone has Poser 8 and up, and Rhiannon’s “Sugar Jamaz” for Victoria 4/4.2, you can use it. I don’t know of any other HP textures so far. If I actually have been thinking about getting Marvelous Designer— that software is now priced by monthly usage. While this has all the same problems at the Adobe system, it also makes it possible to actually USE this software… for those who are determined to go the straight and narrow and NOT sail the pirate ship. (It catches up with you in the end, you know…)

Anyway, the point is that with MD, I could design anything! Authentic robes! Non-ho clothes for Ginny! Yay!

This is what Reality looks like…

Ginny 02
Here’s a render of Ginny, NOT done by me (but by Jonasb67.) It’s an example of what can be done with Poser and Reality 3, a plugin for LuxRender, the only computer rendering engine I’ve ever seen that produces true photorealism. It can also be very painterly, which we see in this example. Again, not by me, but I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks seriously studying Reality… (very existential.) It’s very very very very very complex and difficult. 😛 But the results that you can get are almost not to be believed.

And you know, there’s a plugin called FaceRoom for Poser where you can build an amazing 3D model of a face and head from ONE photograph. Basically, we could put anyone’s face on a Draco and a Ginny, and then…

Well, then it could get very weird. But it can be done. 🙂 I’m thinking about getting FaceRoom.

And the D/G Exchange Writing Begins!!

d and g mythic in hallway

Hey all,

So the picking of the prompts is CLOSED!! Well, all except for the two people haven’t sent in their picks yet, and Y’ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE… SO SEND THEM IN. All of the prompts are sent out except for #5 and #13.

Now write, write like the wind! I’m very inspired by mine. 🙂



final_teddy_d and g between metal walls_03
Hey all,

This is THE VERY LAST DAY to pick your prompt for the D/G fic exchange. So if you’re one of the last holdouts (and you know who you are… well, if you’re reading this, you know who you are…)


See what Draco is going through? Don’t let this happen to you!!


Next to Last Day of Prompt Picking!!

final_dg beach sunset_01

So here it is, the penultimate day of prompt picking! That means that tomorrow is the LAST DAY. We WILL email anyone we haven’t heard from after tomorrow. So don’t make us come over there. 😉

Day FOUR of prompt picking!!

DG contentment_02

Pretty much the same news as yesterday… the number of prompts is dwindling fast! There are just two days left to pick yours, if you haven’t already. And here’s the promised Part 2 of the “D/G Contentment” graphic strip. I think I’m going to do more of the multi-parters.

Day THREE of prompt picking!

DG contentment_01

I’ll tell y’all what, if you haven’t gotten over to the LJ yet to pick your exchange prompts, this is a GOOD time to do it. There are only three more days to pick, and while there are some prompts left, they are going fast. So head on over there and make your choice, if you haven’t already!

For more inspiration, here’s the first of a two-part graphic series with Draco and Ginny. This entire thing might eventually develop into a graphic novel, for all I know. 😉 Wow, I really worked on this one, and I’m still not totally happy with it. There were originally some horrible shadows that had to be taken out, and then the background wasn’t in the right focus, and etc etc and etc… oh, and Ginny’s skirt is HAND PAINTED BY ME.

(waits for applause)
(crickets chirp)
(tumbleweeds roll by)

Trust me, it took a lot of work. 😉

P.S.: I still don’t know if anything can be recovered off that drive. Hopefully, there will be more news soon, and it’ll be good!

And the Prompts Are All UP!!

corrected_ dg alchemy chasm_FINAL
Hey all,

So the happy day is here, and all of the prompts are up on the LJ page!! It’s time to go over there and pick your prompt, and a few are already gone… so you do NOT want to wait on this one.

Just head on over to the LJ site, and as always, click on the pic above to get there.


And this really my absolute pic so far, in a weird way. 😉

Prompt Picking Starts TONIGHT!!! (Or Tomorrow Morning)

update_dg library after 10th
Hey all,

It’s almost that time!! The prompts will be up either at midnight PST, or in the morning. (SemperXEadem has been working her fingers TO THE BONE. So they’ll be up asap after midnight, and that’s all I can promise… 😉 If you’re in CST, that’s 11:00, and if you’re in EST… that’s wait, wait DON’T tell me, midnight, and if you’re in Newfoundland, that’s one am, and after that, don’t even ask.) I’ve seen a preview, and they look GREAT! 🙂

And remember, they’re at:
The LJ D/G Page.