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The OFIC Forums: The Early Days

Hey all,


Welcome to the site, and we’re very happy to have you here! :) However, if you’re a general checker-outer and stumble-across-er, the test forums are going to be in beta mode for a while. The idea is that mods and admins will do their work behind the scenes, plotting world domination and eating lots and lots of virtual chocolate cake. (No calories, you see… ;)

So there just won’t be that much to see for a while. If you just happened to find this site, we’re happy that you did! I’m mulling over the idea of putting everyone on guest status (can read but can’t post) for a while, though, until we’re really ready to open. Once we are, these forums will be moved to the actual permanent forum site. Because I want this to be for ALL fandoms, well… it can’t really be a D/G blog page, can it? ;) Also, the mod forums will be closed to everyone except potential mods and admins. I’m trying to find out if people who register now would just have to register again when we move to a different site… that’s the only thing I’m afraid might happen. (But early register-ers will  still get a very special prize! ;) (No, I’m not going to tell you what it is!!) So just sit tight and wait for a little bit… and when the test forums are moved to the actual page, we’ll open everything up to everybody. Yay!


Anise, the Admin