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EPIC FAILOkay, y’all, I’m SURE that you’ve seen quotes from that upcoming interview where JKR says that she SHOULD have written H/Hr instead of R/Hr. (And if you haven’t, what are you doing reading this blog?? Anyway, we’re happy to have you here. We will convert you to D/G.)

Understand, I don’t really have a dog in the hunt one way or the other with R/Hr vs. H/Hr. I’ve read good and bad fanfic for both pairings, and there are good arguments to be made for both. (Although I have to say that considering strict canon, H/Hr probably made more sense. Then again, Harry/Luna would have made even more.)

No, the reason for happiness in D/G-land is that if H/Hr was what JKR should have done, then, by logical extension, H/G IS THE MASSIVE FAIL OF ALL TIME AND EVEN THE AUTHOR ADMITS IT.
(break for the Happy We Were Right All Along Dance. 🙂

Why is this important after six and a half years? Why do we still care? Well, it’s all in the rest of that D/G essay… but basically, it’s because of what these books meant and what the theme really was. They weren’t just children’s entertainment; they were about something important. And H/G represented the total trashing of that vital theme at the end of D/H, especially in the Epilogue of Horror and Doom.

Anyway, more later, but for now, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

And in other news, we’re almost done getting in fics for the exchange!

Now let’s all eat chocolate. 🙂

D/G Blast from the Past! Yay!

dec_2004_archive of fia

And now it’s time for another episode of “Guess What This Is,” aka “Reason #83479204.pi Why It’s Totally Pointless To Take Down Your Fanfics In An Attempt To Pretend You Never Wrote Or Posted Them.” Because The Wayback Machine knows. That’s why.

Yep, y’all, it’s Dec 28, 2004. All of these lovely fics are still with us, to the best of my knowledge; this is a date randomly chosen to make a point.

Also, it’s fun to look up old web pages. Wow, there’s a lot on there. 🙂

New Discussion Site for the OFIC Forums!


Hey all,

So I’ve thought about this a lot. The ofic forum idea has been on my mind for about a year. And I’ve never really done anything with it yet. There’s so much going on right now, including the D/G fic exchange (only 19 days left, people!!) But I realized something: there will never be a perfect time!! Or maybe right now is ALWAYS the perfect time. 🙂 Sometimes you just need to carpe that diem.

What exactly IS an ofic forum? It’s all explained right here—and even a little bit about why it’s so important for the future of the D/G fandom. Whether you’re a writer, a reader, or both, you REALLY want to be involved with this. I’ve decided to have the discussion board as part of the FIA forums, because they’re already there and set up. So come and join in!

The Evil Posting Plan

So here’s how the posting plan is going to go:

Let’s say that we have a post for FIA. Maybe it’s on the topic of fic recommendations. Here’s how it would be posted.

Here on the WP blog: Link, pic, the ONLY place that gets any amount of text.
Then it’s on to…

Facebook: Gets the short version with a pic and a link.

tumblr: Gets an even shorter version with a pic and a link.
dreamwidth: yes, I’m officially nuts. I added this one, even though I don’t know how much I’m actually going to bother doing with it. I don’t know, DW is a great idea, but it’s like it never has reached a critical mass of people using it yet, and I don’t know if it ever will. But there IS a D/G FIA page now.

LJ: I’m not sure I’d post it there, because the dgficexchange account is just going to be used for the fic exchange from Dec.1st on.

Twitter: Jess will post this, and obviously it’s the shortest version of all! 😉

News Item on Front Page of FIA: I’d probably announce that and give a link, but a lot of things will get posted here and fb, tumblr, and twitter that wouldn’t make it there.

Pinterest: I don’t know; this one is new. I guess I’d link to a pic?

Mailchimp list: (when we have it… Feb 2014 is my guess) Organized with other news and sent out as part of a newsletter with lots of pics. 🙂

So that’s it for now! Comments?

The WP Blog Begins!

corr_d and g couple_07


Hey all,

SO… yay!! The WP FIA blog now exists!! If you’re here when it’s first up, you may notice a generic theme and a certain lack of content. 😉 These things WILL be fixed; I’m just not sure when. The D/G Fic Exchange a GoGo of 2013/14 begins on Dec 1st– a week from today!! So my guess is that there won’t be much done with this blog until January. Still, that’s not very far away.


We have a tumblr blog, a FB page, a YT channel, and a Twitter account, and links to those will be up soon. But WP is where I REALLY want us to have a presence.




I guarantee that I’ll be posting more rants about this point…
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