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Hey all,

SO… yay!! The WP FIA blog now exists!! If you’re here when it’s first up, you may notice a generic theme and a certain lack of content. 😉 These things WILL be fixed; I’m just not sure when. The D/G Fic Exchange a GoGo of 2013/14 begins on Dec 1st– a week from today!! So my guess is that there won’t be much done with this blog until January. Still, that’s not very far away.


We have a tumblr blog, a FB page, a YT channel, and a Twitter account, and links to those will be up soon. But WP is where I REALLY want us to have a presence.




I guarantee that I’ll be posting more rants about this point…


But basically, a lot of censorship has suddenly gotten much worse on every site listed above, and more. It’s disturbing, and it squelches creativity. But here, on, to the BEST of my knowledge, anyway…



Within reason. You know. We can’t post anything that really is illegal under U.S. law, and I would NOT want to see that anyway. But you see what I mean. If we want to post nude pics of Draco and Ginny, we CAN. If we want to post NC-17 videos, we can’t do it on YT– well, HERE, we can. (Well, I think so, anyway… can I get back to y’all on that? 😉 And working with Poser means that Draco is always anatomically correct. I just can’t SHOW it.) If we want to discuss that Draco/Ginny/giant squid fic– yay,


you get the point, right? 🙂

I hate being censored, I really do. And I think that WP,org is by far the best option there for avoiding this issue. I think I’ll need to add age verification, or something– the same kind of thing we have on FIA.

Now, is NOT the same thing. That’s the free version of .org. And I think it’s because I pay for server space on Dreamhost for .org, but .com IS free… the rules aren’t quite the same. It’s not worth it to save a little money and have an easier time setting up the blog, IMHO. If you want a blog, go with .org. Dealing with SOPA/PIPA, of course, is a whole different question… but we’re never going to get into anything that would get us in trouble in that particular way.




Anyway. Yay, I just feel so free!! I can post about what I want! And so can you! Yippee!


More coming soon.



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