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The picking of the prompts comes soon!

d and g hopeful
All prompts are in for the fic exchange, and now the fun REALLY begins for the mods. 😉 We’ll spend the next couple of days organizing the prompts into tables. Then, at midnight on the 14th, the tables will go up in an LJ post!! (Midnight by whose clock and which time zone? We’re still working that one out. There will be more info soon.) So if you’ve turned in a prompt, please watch for those. First come, first served…

And thanks to EVERYONE who submitted a prompt! This is going to be a great D/G fic exchange.

I really like this prompt, although it’s getting to the point where a manga/comic strip format would work better. (And yes, Smith Micro ALSO makes Manga Studio 5. I’ve been kind of thinking about using that, but it will definitely have to wait until after the exchange is over!)