EPIC FAILOkay, y’all, I’m SURE that you’ve seen quotes from that upcoming interview where JKR says that she SHOULD have written H/Hr instead of R/Hr. (And if you haven’t, what are you doing reading this blog?? Anyway, we’re happy to have you here. We will convert you to D/G.)

Understand, I don’t really have a dog in the hunt one way or the other with R/Hr vs. H/Hr. I’ve read good and bad fanfic for both pairings, and there are good arguments to be made for both. (Although I have to say that considering strict canon, H/Hr probably made more sense. Then again, Harry/Luna would have made even more.)

No, the reason for happiness in D/G-land is that if H/Hr was what JKR should have done, then, by logical extension, H/G IS THE MASSIVE FAIL OF ALL TIME AND EVEN THE AUTHOR ADMITS IT.
(break for the Happy We Were Right All Along Dance. 🙂

Why is this important after six and a half years? Why do we still care? Well, it’s all in the rest of that D/G essay… but basically, it’s because of what these books meant and what the theme really was. They weren’t just children’s entertainment; they were about something important. And H/G represented the total trashing of that vital theme at the end of D/H, especially in the Epilogue of Horror and Doom.

Anyway, more later, but for now, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

And in other news, we’re almost done getting in fics for the exchange!

Now let’s all eat chocolate. 🙂

4 Responses to H/G = EPIC FAIL, JKR ADMITS

  1. Nowhere does she say H/G is a fail though. In fact, she doesn’t even say H/Hr should be together, she only comments on R/Hr.

    If anything, Ron and Hermione should have probably ended up with other partners, but Harry would’ve definitely stayed with Ginny. Sorry to disappoint you.

  2. A troll… our very first trolly troll! Yay!

    Look, honey, I’ve been participating in and running FIA for 12 years now. I’ve written over 40 D/G fics. We know what we’re talking about. And please go back and read the article BEFORE commenting on it. Trust me… I’m not disappointed at all.

    (Yay, a troll, our very first troll…)

    (gets out chocolate cake.)

  3. I wouldn’t have been disappointed with H/G in canon if only it had been better done. Many years ago, someone over at FIA pointed out that JKR is a terrible romance writer, and I think that is true. No good romance writer would have thought canon Ron/Hermione was worth perusing.

    She was great at world-building and names (very, very important). She created a wonderful synthesis of some of the most beloved forms of fiction of the 19th and 20th century. But she really wasn’t a terribly brave writer, and a compelling romance means taking a few chances if you are going to avoid a formula.

    So in the end, it may not matter. I am not sure she would have been able to carry off D/G or even H/Hr. Luckily, we have lots of good writers who can.

  4. I totally agree! (Sorry, I didn’t see this post before today… ) Her world-building was always great, and I loved the way that she tied up a lot of the purely plot-related threads in DH. I see so many horrible, horrible plots (or lack thereof, to be truthful) in RL writers’ groups, so I appreciate an author who actually knows how to craft a narrative structure. But I do think that DH shows that there are other aspects of a narrative thread that are vital too, such as the *character* arcs. And those just weren’t completed very well in some cases (IMHO, of course! 😉

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